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my descent into hell (or: the Infinite post)

this post is mostly for Emmie and Doris tbh

people. friends of mine. let me inform you as to the new ruination of my existence.

for months now i've been watching the likes of Jamie, Lauren, Kelsey, Lizzie, and Eleonore frolicking in kpop land, and yet managed to avoid being afflicted myself... until a few days ago, when Eleonore bombarded me with links designed to corrupt my soul. and i regret to say she was successful in that venture. forgive me friends for i am weak.

for the uninformed, Infinite is, uh, a FAIRLY popular Korean pop boy band with a shitload of synchronized choreography and a fandom that seems to be invading the entire planet. given my not-even-a-secret lifelong penchant for boy bands it's a wonder i only tapped into this now, but no matter.

first off i have to say that Korean pop music is far superior to the Western sort. i actually have an epic love/hate relationship with pop music -- the "hate" deriving from the fact that the Western pop industry is so damn lazy -- but after just a few days going through Infinite's discography (+ a couple other bands) i feel as though i have been revived from a 10+year fatigue. FRIENDS, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT MY EMOTIONS ARE DOING.

i'll admit, my life right now mostly revolves around the question: "how is Nam Woohyun a real person????" (for various reasons, such as the cray-cray of the fandom and the inexplicable prettiness of all the dudes, i assumed that the band itself didn't actually possess any talent. i stand corrected.) i'll just be here creepily replaying 1:55-2:05 of this song because his vibrato/pitch/everything is the stuff my ovaries every vocal coach's dreams are made of. (i am not a vocal coach.) (but i would assume they all dream of Nam Woohyun.)

and by all means let us gather round and discuss how i instantly fixate on "The Greasy One", a.k.a. The One Infamous For Parading Round Open-Shirted Onstage I NEVER CLAIMED NOT TO BE EMBARRASSINGLY PREDICTABLE KBYE.

um. anyway, i like all the members, promise. and this is really supposed to be an introductory/rec post thing to lure more unfortunate souls in. if anyone is really curious/interested, this vid is probably the best in terms of O.O CHOREO + MY LOINS + "give me all their outfits", &c. &c. and it made #1 on some yearly Korean billboard thing so. if this is your jam then by all means come join me and the above people in hell.

@ J/L/K/E: i give you permission to spam me with rude things in comments. do your worst, children.
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