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19 June 2012 @ 04:57 pm

selectively adding. comments be screened.
~pls see listography (linked at left) for fandom inventory~

[intro post]
alex. 20-something. asian.
velociraptor apologist. chaotic neutral. filthy slytherin primary/secondary.
musician, writer, etc. etc.

  aesthetic (doing it for the), all the fictional women you hate, amoral attorneys, banana-throwing velociraptors, beauties swallowing beasts, bursting into song, cats as both individuals and as an institution, girl groups of most descriptions, greek tragedy, mortal enemies with benefits, narratives about narrative, obligatory psychotic jackasses, post-nihilism (because nothing mattering doesn't matter anymore!), prematurely cancelled television, sociopaths in love, strictly platonic affairs, sympathy for devils, queens & their huntsmen, robots with feelings, teen trash, vampires who eat people, wrong!shipping awareness, 99.9% synchronised boy bands, and so much more~~~

christmas, facebook, ideological purity, summer, white people, the world and existence in general, etc.



k bye
13 August 2017 @ 11:15 pm


Just checking in! By this time next month I'll have moved to another continent. Shit is gonna get real in the next few weeks, so behold this ~~~last post before life change~~~

nothing to see here.Collapse )

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11 September 2016 @ 12:23 am

I'm here to announce to gryfndor_godess and company that I've now watched all of Arrested Development. Stay with us for 10-billion-years-late reactions. The bridal raptor has nothing to do with anything.[what a fun, sexy time for us all]+:

  • I love everyone in this morally degenerate bar.

  • GOB is my everything. HE IS EVERYTHING 2 ME. (Listen. That my type of man is DELICIOUS GARBAGE has been well documented on this blog. AS IF THERE COULD BE ANY DOUBT.) In short, ACTUAL BISEXUAL MALE STRIPPER GIGOLO MAGICIAN UNFAVORITE TRASH SON OF MY HEARTLESS INTERIOR. ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿

  • Lucille is everything I was promised and more. SHE IS BEAUTY, SHE IS GRACE, WOULD LET HER PUNCH ME IN THE FACE.

  • When I grow up I want to be born con-woman and accidental film producer Maeby Funke.

  • This is the only work in which I have enjoyed Michael Cera's presence.

  • LINDSAY!!!!

  • BUSTER!!!!

  • TOBIAS!!!!!


  • The extent to which this show is committed to incestuousness makes my heart SING. George Michael/Maeby 4ever, obviously, but also: Lindsay/Michael (not at all shocked by her eventually propositioning him, just sayin'), GOB and Michael's man love that will go on ("if you feel something moving down there it's my dove" A;SJF;KSJDFKSDJFSSJKFJ), the trollsome teasing of GOB/Lindsay (would watch in high-def, tbh), Buster and the Lucilles (eyes emoji).... God bless upper class in-breeding.

On that note, my only quibble is how underdeveloped Lindsay's relationships with her siblings were. We did get plenty of Lindsay/Michael, but practically nothing about Lindsay/Buster or Lindsay/GOB (save for him unsuccessfully propositioning her, bless). Though, amusingly, this is lampshaded during the arc in which Michael suspects they have another sister ("do you remember growing up with a sister"/"doesn't ring a bell"/"aside from Lindsay"/"OH YEAH, LINDSAY!" /hilar).

~~~~ brief pause to segue to vaguely more substantial mode ~~~

I was warned about season 4 being disappointing, and ultimately I found it a mixed bag. When it was good (the second half, for the most part) it was as good as it ever was, in my book. Buuuut, as a whole it definitely is the most uneven season.

I'm not opposed at all to character-centric episodes (see below), but the great joy of original flavour Arrested Development was its ensemble chemistry and that was the key ingredient missing from the revival.

And--real talk--as much as I love everyone in this bar, only half the cast could actually carry their own episodes.

(To that point: Lucille/Buster/Maeby only getting one episode each while the likes of Michael/George Sr./George Michael get double?? Mess.)

Another quibble I had is that the entire non-linear conceit, while cool, didn't actually... go... anywhere? The climax of the season was supposedly the Cinco de Cuatro celebration, which happened... somewhere in the middle of the season... and was also more anti than climax inasmuch as the show never took the opportunity to tie everyone's stories together in a substantial way. And by "substantial," I'm talking major-players-significantly-affecting-each-other's-choices, not merely everyone-lurking-in-periphery-of-everyone-else's-plot.

THAT BEING SAID, I'm still glad the season exists because it was nothing if not ambitious, and I value ambition in situational comedy.

Plus, what it lacked in cohesiveness, it made up for (somewhat) with character work. I'm not sure that any of the characters had actual arcs in the first 3 seasons?? (Speak up if you're so inclined.) Season 4, however, seemed committed to making everybody LOOK AT THEIR LIFE LOOK AT THEIR CHOICES, in the form of:

  • Michael's descent into douchebaggery. Dude was always dubious (e.g. pimping Lindsay out to their """uncle"""....), but by the end of season 4 he's actually AWARE of it for once in his life. Possibly.

  • Lindsay's supervillain origin story!

  • Lucille the secret Invisible Girl!!!!!!!!

  • Maeby conning her way into doom!!

  • George Michael finally becoming a Bluth, much to his misfortune!

  • GOB running out of forget-me-nows!!!!!!!!!! (In other news, what other show is gonna give me a storyline about their resident obligatory psychotic jackass accidentally falling in love with a man amidst a failed revenge scheme, I ask you. God is good. Jesus is alive and well and among us.)

... And if anyone has any idea what everyone else's episodes were supposed to be about, you are welcome to share the wisdom.

In any case, bring on season 5, whenever the hell that'll be.

By all means have a quote party in comments. I AM 10 BILLION YEARS LATE TO THIS FANDOM.

... I'm obligated to finish this entry with a meme to appease vergoldung, so let's have this eyeball-pleasing one invented by theramble (slightly modified):

--> comment with an on-screen character/idol/whatever and i'll reply with visuals of my favorite hair/outfit(s)/~LOOK~ for them
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29 April 2016 @ 09:40 pm
Yeah, so I'm drowning in proposals and statements of purpose (does anyone know how to write this garbage, R.I.P.). Y'all know what that means.

~~~***MEME TIME***~~~


Stealing this one from theramble and adapting for TV/etc. fandoms for the five people still on this website:

the character/member i would invite for pretentious philosophical conversations over wine:
the character/member i'd want as my older sibling (regardless of their actual age):
the character/member i'd want as my twin:
the character/member i'd want as my younger sibling:
the character/ member whose fashion i want to steal:
2 characters/members for a threesome:
my ideal team-up/subunit:

+ SHIPPING business, yo:

  • lowkey otp

  • highkey notp nah

  • [softly] don’t notp

  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice

  • highkey otp and anyone on my blog knows it

can't be bothered closing with a witty comment so let's have the usual cheese drop:

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13 December 2015 @ 01:24 am

Writing this post at y'all from Shanghai, where I'm residing for the next three months as an online lol-news journalism intern.

If anyone happens to be sitting on life hacks for living in Shanghai, lob away. (In particular, how costly/difficult/time-consuming would it be to get from here to Hong Kong in late January... ? This info would be relevant to nothing in particular.)

But enough about me. The main purpose of this post is advertisement, motherfuckers. From the people who brought you The Wardrobe Meme, vergoldung and I (... mostly Eleonore) introduce to you:


[rules and regulations for the five people reading this post]

  1. Describe your natural hair, or alternatively, your current hair.

  2. How do you usually wear your hair? Do you generally put time and effort into your weave? Or are you a lazy-ass bitch like OP?

  3. What is your hair-washing schedule? Do you have an ironclad hair-care regimen? Tell us your secrets!!!!!!!!!

  4. What's your go-to hairstyle for dressing up? As in, the hairstyle that looks bomb for when you want to look done up, while being a safe bet (because you've mastered that motherfucker.)

  5. Do / have you dye/d your hair and if so, what colours. Can you compete with OP's colour-damaged ends or nah?

  6. Haircut regrets and/or haircut nostalgia.

  7. Two options: A) Show us the holy grail of your hairstyling abilities. B) The most epic hair somebody else has done on your head.

  8. What is your #1 unattainable hair goal, the reason you lie awake at night?

  9. Last but not least: Gratuitous hair picspam time. In no particular order, share your fave hair-themed selfies. Doesn't matter how old the pic or how shitty the lighting--all we care about is celebrating the cuteness of your hair!!!!!!

In other news some cohorts may be pleased to know that

  • I watched all of The Producers with Eleonore. Pterodactyl screeching occurred.

  • I am some 70 pages into the Engelsfors trilogy.

Peace 'n' blessings.
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as i've bemoaned 8224 times, i have this overwhelming and excruciating guilt over unfinished memes. so. i have spring-cleaned this journal, and have organised all the unfilled discussion prompts into categories. they are as follows:

  • wrong!ship awareness meme slots

  • blogging about fictional characters

  • television reviews

  • random shit

under this last category: hair, the subject of this post.

background: ten billion years ago eowyn_315 requested a picspam of Nina Dobrev's hair. however, rather than limit my hair appreciation i've decided to make like Laura herself and pay respects to hair from various fandoms. with photoshop.

if y'all think you're ready for that action then follow the cut.

behold: a completely unsolicited and arbitrary top five list of hair-pornCollapse )
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07 September 2015 @ 07:51 pm
it's me again.

so when i posted my last post i expected five people to respond. imagine my feels upon discovering that livejournal is secretly as alive as it was in the days of yore.

[real-time footage of me reading my inbox]

first order of business: in the time since we last spoke i nabbed a job as a book reviewer for some online publication. (... not a job that pays, fyi, but ? what is money ? is it food on the table ? is it contentment of the soul ? who besides kanye west can know ?) hence, i have to remember how to read and choose some new books to write about. SUGGEST ME SUGGEST ME.

in other news, i've been harangued about finishing memes and posting substantial """"content"""" to this here blog. i could do that. OR i could do this meme:

If you lost me in a crowd, what “offensive” thing could you yell that’d be GUARANTEED to track me down?

(watch yo step)

+ for music fandom comrades:

[spoiler cut to shorten post]

name a band and i will discuss

  • first bias

  • current bias and why

  • fave song

  • fave mv

  • otp

  • member i think has the best smile

  • fave choreo

  • fave era

  • fave voice/singer

  • fave dancer

lol, watch this get fewer comments than the last entry where i said literally nothing.

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27 August 2015 @ 05:34 pm

[???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿]blah blah blah:

  • to whomever may gaf, this last half-year for me has been about travelling, visiting family, hosting family, more travelling, and plentiful hair bleaching. but alas, fun time has run out and it's back to contemplating future employment. why i can't attain $$$$$$$$ on the merit of my personal magnetism and apropos usage of nicholas cage reaction images is a continued mystery.

  • is there even any point to me trying to finish the 29402 memes from yore? is there a point. maybe i'll wait to sign up for the next zeitgeist social platform bound to emerge after the rightful prophesied downfall and death of tumblr.

  • should i even add any substance to this post? why don't i just link my obligatory fandom list i.e. list of potential topics so the five people reading this post can holler.

  • let's conclude this update with cheese.

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17 December 2014 @ 10:24 pm
17. rosaxx50 prompted: Kate/Seth/Richie and why this worked for you.

I'm using this opportunity to revive THE WRONG!SHIP MEME OF COLD SWEATS AND TERROR. Yet again I have no idea which day to put this entry, but with no further ado:

23 | a couple trio you ship for the wrong reasons that fits too many of these criteria

I mean, obviously the answer to this question is that it works for me because it's HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY. If it isn't common knowledge that I LIVE FOR THAT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SHIT (already going to hell, nothing to see here, etc.) then let it be so now. So yeah, when the Geckos held Kate's family hostage I was like "lol, prob gonna ship it" and then lo and behold.

[chivalry is dead now;]
want some company?
Oh yeah, what other kinds of things do you pick up on? Underage girls?

That would be despicable.

*derp graphic prob to be re-edited when i cbf

I ship every leg in this trash OT3. Let me count the ways.

  1. Richie/Seth speaks for itself. It's become mainstream in this day and age to ship the two outlaw brothers together BUT WHAT CAN I SAY, I'M A MAINSTREAM BITCH. The lengths to which Seth and Richie have gone ~for~ each other are respectable indeed. Seth has put Richie first to the detriment of his every relationship, turned the other cheek as Richie crosses lines that (supposedly) disgust him. He doesn't know anything else; his whole world is consumed by this "debt" he owes Richie for saving his life when they were children. Meanwhile, Richie KILLED THEIR ABUSIVE DAD 4 SETH! THAT'S LOVE, BITCH. (Well, that, and Richie just wants to watch the world burn.) Of course Seth would consider that revelation a betrayal, in part because it means the narrative of his life has been a lie the whole time. But the truth frees them to turn a corner in their codependence and, by the end of the season, Richie rides away with Santanico, and Seth with Kate, away from each other. WILL THEY BE REUNITED ONCE MORE? Probably.

  2. Kate/Richie was initially squick to me thanks to that pool sequence (also nhf the weird hypersexualisation of Kate) and because frankly Richie pings me on the threat level way more than Seth ever has, which I'd say is fair considering his record of murderating people (inc. women) in both alarming and hilariously blase ways. NONETHELESS, it just goes to show that I can't have Moral Objections to ships for too long before the despicable factor starts appealing to me, which is to say that re: Kate/Richie I went from SHUDDER to YEAHHHHHHHHHH in a remarkably short amount of time! The YEAH part is largely due to the way Kate employs dat soft power after the Geckos take the Fullers hostage: she's playing on that observation of Richie's spontaneous attraction to her in an effort to throw him off -- and by the time they reach the bar, she's enjoying it too.

  3. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: The beauty of From Dusk Till Dawn is that it's so balls-out insane that Kate riding off with Seth into the sunset at the end of the season is one of the less eyebrow-raising events in the show. And it is absolutely testament to my inability to give a fuck that I found this ending rather hopeful and even romantic (#a moment of silence for my psychological health). NO BUT LISTEN. Is there any trope more bulletproof than people unexpectedly banding together because of mutual abandonment? Kate's trauma is obvious: she's just lost all the family she had left, almost all at once -- first the senseless loss of her mother, followed by her brother being turned into a monster, following by her having to stake her own goddamn father. Meanwhile, Seth's built his entire life around his brother, believing they would always be Us VS. The World, only to have him apparently pick someone else. (THEM KATE|SCOTT + RICHIE|SETH PARALLELS.) They're the leftovers: the preacher's daughter whose faith has been obliterated, and the professional thief who doesn't believe in anything. It actually makes sense that after everything they'd choose to stick together, because the rest of the world no longer makes sense to either of them.


✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿ ✿♥‿♥✿

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What does the abbreviation "smh" mean to you?

"shaking my head"
"so much hate"
neither (pls specify in comments)
what kind of an update is this


P.S. Actual post happening some time in the magical future.
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