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Just checking in! By this time next month I'll have moved to another continent. Shit is gonna get real in the next few weeks, so behold this ~~~last post before life change~~~

People have been asking me a lot how I "feel" about indefinitely leaving everyone I know to move across the world to pursue a fanciful form of higher study ostensibly bridging to an unstable artistic career driven sheerly by idealistic ambition. But tbh, who has time to process emotions in this economy.

+ However, if anyone has any life-hacks for living in inner London, offer thy wisdom in comments! xoxo.

Now time for a lazy overview wrt recent fandom happenings of note.


  • Of all the things I find delightful about Netflix's Anne (with an E), the amusing Youth Heartthrob Gilbert Blythe (thanks @dante-kent) is surely in the top three. I shan't front. (My other reactions to this show are pretty much summed up not by me here.)

  • This is a delayed response, but: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MOTHERFUCKERS  \^0^/ \^0^/ \^0^/ \^0^/ \^0^/

  • Like everyone else who isn't living in the '50s, I welcome the news of the Thirteenth Doctor. That said, y'all casuals can miss me with the "oh, now Doctor Who is worth watching again!" fake-woke narrative. I didn't see anyone outside the hardcore fandom give a flying damn when the companion was a gay black woman (with natural hair, to boot) -- but now that the protagonist is a conventionally attractive blonde white lady, sure, NOW the show is worth SJW attention. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sayonara 👋👋👋👋👋

  • Since I've had my head buried in the sand, could someone explain to me what the hell is happening with FDTD? Is it cancelled? Is it continuing? WHICH IS IT. WHAT IS THE TRUTH.

  • Homeland is dead to me.

  • I watched the new OITNB season despite myself, and didn't hate it. Flaritza 4ever.

  • Orphan Black ended! Emotions may have been experienced. Tell no one.

  • Reign also ended. I'd comment on this but certain flisters are still mainlining the show for the first time so {{{{{redacted}}} {{{redacted}}} {{{redacted}}}

  • I'm behind on Shadowhunters so don't talk to me. (Have seen enough of 2.5, however, to know that Sebseb is the main man. WHAT IS SURPRISING ABOUT THIS DEVELOPMENT? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!)

  • Suits -- see above.

  • I finally got around to finishing Descendants of the Sun just in time for 2Song's (not at all a) "surprise" wedding announcement. 2017 K-ent remains JUICY AF 🔥 🍖 🔥 🍖 🔥 🍖

+ Apropos of nothing, vergoldung decided it was time we made a Red Velvet Intro Playlist for no one in particular. Thus, here I am advertising it. Click on the sparkly text and catch your life!!

- Rest In Paradise @ formative scenery-chewer of a TenorChester B. (AFTER ALL THIS TIME??????????? Always.)

The only "positive" to this absolute tragedy is that Hybrid Theory/Meteora have now been rightfully Vindicated By History as the (literally) life-saving crossover-pop 💯scripture💯 they always were -- am prepared to ban offer 500w annotated critical essay to anyone sleeping on these FACTS. (They don't make iconique Top 40 platinum-certified Boss Distortion BANGERS like that anymore, smh!)

- The world is going to shit as usual. May all my Jewish flisters remain safe.

- Not unrelated to the above point: Mess @ Photobucket.

I'd natter on more, but a clinician broke my vein yesterday and I feel bad for my forearm. NO MEME. Feel free to chew the fat as per u in comments.

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