August 27th, 2015

[4m] what a girl wants

who there


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  • to whomever may gaf, this last half-year for me has been about travelling, visiting family, hosting family, more travelling, and plentiful hair bleaching. but alas, fun time has run out and it's back to contemplating future employment. why i can't attain $$$$$$$$ on the merit of my personal magnetism and apropos usage of nicholas cage reaction images is a continued mystery.

  • is there even any point to me trying to finish the 29402 memes from yore? is there a point. maybe i'll wait to sign up for the next zeitgeist social platform bound to emerge after the rightful prophesied downfall and death of tumblr.

  • should i even add any substance to this post? why don't i just link my obligatory fandom list i.e. list of potential topics so the five people reading this post can holler.

  • let's conclude this update with cheese.