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but you'll always be my hero.

 for eowyn_315 :
Top Five Salvatore Brothers Moments

by merlinsfuckingbeard




DAMON: You have two choices. You can feed and make her forget. Or you can let her run, screaming "vampire" through the town square.

STEFAN: That's what this is about? You want to expose me?

DAMON: No! I want you to remember who you are!

STEFAN: Why? So what, so I'll feed? So I'll kill? So I'll remember what it's like to be brothers again? You know what, let her go. Let her tell everyone that vampires have returned to Mystic Falls. Let them chain me up, and let them drive a stake through my heart, because at least I'll be free of you.
(1.02 Night Of The Comet)

(YouTube clip here.)

This scene will allllllways have a special place in my heart, for the sheer fact that it's a brilliant scene in a terrible, terrible episode, and the only thing in the whole show that persuaded me to keep watching after that episode. Thank. God. On a related note, it's where I really start to feel the Salvatore brothers and their fucked up relationship. So Stefan hits back with that killer "So I'll remember what it's like to be brothers again?" and. The look. on Damon's face. (middle right cap) Aaaaaand that's the moment that Damon Salvatore clicked, for me, right there. The one where I went: yeah, I know you; I know what you're about. (Incidentally, this might be when I start to stan Ian Somerhalder's every acting choice.) And there are no words to express my love for the fact that he rewards Stefan's cruelty ("at least I'll be free of you", a.k.a the moment I start to respect Stefan Salvatore), by letting Vicki go. Because he got what he wanted, basically--a sign that Stefan cares. Because Stefan cared enough to be cruel.



STEFAN: (mimics Damon) So Stefan, you know, I've been thinking...I think we should start over, give this brother thing another chance. We used to do it "oh so well" once upon a time.
DAMON: (mimics Stefan) I don't-- Damon. I can't trust you to be a nice guy, you kill everybody and you're so mean-- you're so mean and-- (normally) You're really hard to imitate and then I have to go to that lesser place.
(109. History Repeating)

(Clip here.)

BECAUSE IT MADE ME LITERALLY LOL. Their comic timing and camaraderie is fab and as hostile as they are at this point in the series, there's such obvious affection. Turns me into a sap, pretty much.



DAMON: I'm done here. With you. I'm leaving town.
STEFAN: You hate me. I know. I know. An eternity of misery and on and on. I know, but you don't have to leave town. Damon, I'll do better. I promise.
DAMON: No, you will get us killed. I'd rather leave you to do that to yourself.
(215. The Dinner Party)

(Clip here.)

ffffff- I hurt for them both SO MUCH in this scene. And I love this moment because it totally fucks up that "switch" myth/idea/thing. Stefan's feeding remorselessly on these women, but he still feels enough remorse and desperation to beg Damon not to leave him? The way Stefan pleads, "I'll do better", just makes me ache for the dude. This unforgivable thing he does to his brother, to make sure he doesn't lose him, ends up ensuring that he loses him forever. (Or so we think.) This is probably the last time Stefan openly tells Damon how much he needs him. And of course, Damon is so angry with Stefan that he tosses it away. (And then haunts him for 145 years just to see if it's still there.) Oh, boys.

Aaaaaand I'm cheating and squeezing this one in: (with bonus Lexi)



LEXI: You know the hate you're feeling towards Stefan? Towards everyone? You think you have it under control but you don't. It will get the best of you.
DAMON: Help him. He needs it.

(Clip here.)

Just. Sob. That "help him". Probably one of the purest examples of Damon's love for Stefan. Damon has absolutely no reason not to hate his brother. And yet. He utters that tiny, plaintive "help him", anyway. Even though there's nobody to help him, and he knows that. He just wants his brother to be okay, even if Damon himself won't be. And then he steps out into the world alone, and spends the next century and a half trying to forget he ever did anything that kind.



(1.14 Fool Me Once)

Heh. No dialogue necessary. This is just a BEAUTIFUL demonstration of Stefan's empathy for Damon. He doesn't try to speak or console him--because Damon is inconsolable. He just sits down, and STARES at Damon, and there's such concern in his gaze. It's like, Stefan's looking at his brother and seeing that… Damon might be broken in a way that he can't ever fix. It's just a terribly sad moment, and beautiful nonetheless.



STEFAN: I'm sorry.
DAMON: About what?
STEFAN: For being the guy who made you turn 145 years ago.
DAMON: Enough, Stef, it’s late. Don’t need to rehash that.
STEFAN: You know what? I’ve never said it at loud. I guess I just need to say it and you need to hear it. I’m sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn’t want to be alone. I guess I just needed my brother.
(208. Rose)

(Clip here.)


I… can't really speak coherently about this. Suffice it to say that that bolded quote is probably one of my favourite of the entire show. It's so, so simple, and yet it encompasses pretty much everything. And the looks. on both their faces. MONSOON ON MY FACE.

So yeah, that's my top five. FOR NOW. Honourable mentions: the last scene in 2.21 The Sun Also Rises; Stefan refusing to fight with Damon about Elena in 2.01 The Return; and their first flashback and huggggggs in 1.06 Lost Girls.
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