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women love fest day three: vidspam!!!

Maaaaan, do you guys know how difficult it is to find good Elena POV vids in this fandom? BOO. But, I have scavenged up some gems just for you, fair Internet.

This one's a keeper. Relevant song is relevant.

I'M SO FOND OF THIS VID, lol. also, I <3 how the eponymous "I'm a bitch" line is always timed to various Elena-bitch-slapping-Damon moments. (Yes, there's your slap o' the day, ahigheroctave.) Things I derive amusement from.

yessss a good Elena POV of Stefan/Elena. I think one of the major complaints I see about S/E is the poor build-up of Elena's falling-in-love in early S1, but WORRY NO LONGER, for this vid does what the show failed to do, and illustrates perfectly why Stefan is (initially) so singularly important to Elena.
#i have feelings on your ship tho

maaaaan, this vid is good. "lightning strikes you when you move." Fuck, yes. It's all about Elena-as-object vying to be subject, and her growing disillusionment with everybody who wants a piece of her.

Aww, this vid. I remember seeing it after the episode aired and clutching at my heart, and stuff. It's a stunning song choice for Elena, of course, and the vid just depicts her in such an honest, sympathetic way. Also, the handling of her complicated sympathy/repulsion feelings re: Damon (particularly in response to the events of this particular ep…) is pretty spot-on, which is a rarity in fandom, honestly.

SADNESS! That image of Elena looking in the mirror, at her ~image reflected back at herself, is so poignant.


Yeah, that should be enough to keep y'all going for a while. :) Feel free to spam me in comments too.
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