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women love fest day four: favourite shades of Elena


inspired by softly_me, yaaay. (a.k.a. IN WHICH I BATTLE WITH PHOTOSHOP, lol.)

I went with moments I have not already mentioned, but IT SHOULD BE NOTED that "I don't want to be a vampire" and "people die around you" are among my favourite Elena moments too, as well as my favourite shippy moments of the showwww. Anyway. Getting' on with it.

in chronological order 'cause that's the way I roll.



ELENA: Do you need a bib?
DAMON: Sorry I can't unhinge my jaw like a snake to consume alcohol.
ELENA: Whatever. All right. Who's next? Another round, Bree.
GIRL: Honey, you should be on the floor.
ELENA: I am not even drunk. My tolerance is, like, way up here.
(1.11 Bloodlines)

My reasoning for this one is pretty shallow. There should be more of Elena being drunk, because: Nina's adorkableness cannot be denied. OMG PRE-VAMPIRE FLASHBACKS, WHERE ARE YOU? D: Srsly though, how often do we see Elena utterly relaxed and carefree? Le sigh.



I'm sorry.
(1.14 Fool Me Once)

yeeeeeep. I could write some ~analysis~ here but… speaks for itself, doesn't it? Elena is compassionate to a fault--even if it's irrational, even if it's inappropriate, even if--especially if--the person doesn't deserve it. #in which Elena is my animagus



(2.11 By The Light of the Moon)

NO DIALOGUE NECESSARY, lol. Look at that bitchface. (Now look at your life.) Also, since cushion-throwing!Elena doesn't translate well to caps, so here ya go. (pushing-brother-bodily-off-couch!Elena can be observed above the cut.)

by outofwave



Elijah: The deal is off
Elena: I'm renegotiating
Elijah: You have nothing left to negotiate with
(She has a knife in her hands. She shows it to him)
Elena: I'd like to see you lure Klaus into Mystic Falls after the doppelganger bleeds to death
Elijah: Stefan won't let you die
Elena: No, he won't. He'll feed me his blood to heal me, and then I'll kill myself and become a vampire, just like Katherine did. So unless you want that to happen again, promise me the same as before... promise me... You won't harm anyone that I love. Even if they've harmed you
Elijah: I'm sorry, Elena. I'm going to have to call your bluff
(She stabs herself in the stomach. She's bleeding. Elijah rushes over her but he can't get in)
Elijah: No! Yes. Yes, you can have your deal. Let me heal you
Elena: Give me your word!
Elijah: I give you my word!
(2.15 The Dinner Party)

Um, pretty self-explanatory. HOW IS THIS GIRL EVEN REAL? D:



I'm so sorry you've lost so many people.
(2.21 The Sun Also Rises)

GAWD. how do I even. Of course Elena offers a "sorry" to Jeremy, as though she herself is responsible for everything he's lost. She's always sorry. :(

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