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salvatore bros fanmix: the killer in me (is the killer in you)


This is specifically for upupa_epops who is a fanmix noob and asked for a Salvatore bros fanmix to the prompt "a good man goes to war". Thus, I have compiled a mix I hope communicates themes of ~abandonment, ~innocence lost, and the violence within~~~ Business as usual, basically. These boys are always at war, one way or another. THEIR LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. Nothing special about this one, folks.

FYI, you should all probably just skip this and go check out akzseinga's far superior Salvatore mix instead. Oh, and aerintine's Brothers mixes which make my existence obsolete.

the killer in me (is the killer in you):
a salvatore brothers fanmix

01 | disarm; smashing pumpkins
i used to be a little boy
so old in my shoes
and what i choose is my voice
what's a boy supposed to do?
the killer in me is the killer in you
my love
i send this smile over to you

02 | pieces of what; mgmt
when the world has turned
paralysed and wrong
cold blooded claws
never offered anything at all
past the point of love
shattered and untied
waiting to pick up the pieces
that make it alright

03 | where i end and you begin; radiohead
where i end and where you start
where you, you left me alone
you left me alone
x'll mark the place
like the parting of the waves
like a house falling in the sea
in the sea

04 | a lack of color; death cab for cutie
i'm reaching for the phone
to call at 7:03
and on your machine i slur a plea for you to come home
but i know it's too late
i should have given you a reason to stay

05 | beautiful life; charlotte martin
i know every word that we said
was what we both meant
well we meant it at the time
promise me that you'll be standing up straight
chasing rivers, and shadows, and time

06 | the one i love; greg laswell
i'm all packed up now early in the morning
i'll take my leave
i'll bring your words along with me
maybe one day they will mean something
for now they buzz and crumble down
a little bit too easily
from a time that i am not quite over
what the hell is wrong with me

07 | you went away; tegan & sara
you went away
'cause you said you couldn't love me
and i went away
'cause all i do is love you
well i don't think we have to be like this forever
there's more to life than love and being together

08 | orphans; jack's mannequin
i keep waiting for my breath
to come back never
so take what i have left
patterns in traffic
that pulls just like my heart
race in the dark
in time to catch you
no one should let you
go wandering off into the night
you're not an orphan

09 | kings of medicine; placebo
don't leave me here to pass through time
without a map or road sign
don't leave me here, my guiding light
'cause i, i
wouldn't know where to begin

10 | never let me go; florence and the machine
in the arms of the ocean, so sweet and so cold
and honest devotion i never knew at all
and the crushes of heaven, for a sinner released
and the arms of the ocean delivered me

11 | turn to stone; ingrid michaelson
i know that i am nothing new

my words might not seem much to you

but brother how we must atone

before we turn to stone

12 | the cave; mumford & sons
the harvest left no food for you to eat
you cannibal, you meat-eater, you see
but i have seen the same
i know the shame in your defeat
but i will hold on hope
and i won't let you choke
on the noose around your neck
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