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Greetings. This is a mix upupa_epops demanded I make for her heroinebigbang fic titled "Nothing to Write Home About". (Marta is responsible for most of the terrible things I do, etc. etc.) I have attempted to put together a track-list which matches the overall tone of her fic (= super fluffy and romantic, obviously*). There are tracks in here that I have used in some of my other mixes, so apologies for repetition; they were simply too essential to leave out. Also, this is our beast, we do what we want, etc. Anyway, enough introduction. 

FIC HERE (read this shit). (I beta-read it so you know it's gonna be good.)

*this is sarcasm, by the way.


(1) GHOSTS :: laura marling
Do as though there is nothing left to be
Turned out I'd been following him and he'd been following me
Do as though after it was over
We were just two lovers crying on each other's shoulders
And I said
Lover, please do not
Fall to your knees
It's not
Like I believe in
Everlasting love

(2) LITTLE BOMBS :: aimee mann
Life just kind of empties out
Less a deluge than a drought
Less a giant mushroom cloud
Than an unexploded shell

(3) LIVING IN TWILIGHT :: the weepies
So it goes, though no one knows you like they used to do
Have a drink, the sky is sinking toward a deeper blue
And you're still all right
Step out into twilight

(4) FAST AS YOU CAN :: fiona apple
I let the beast in too soon, I don't know how to live
Without my hand on his throat; I fight him always & still
O darling, it's so sweet, you think you know how crazy
How crazy I am
You say you don't spook easy, you won't go, but I know
And I pray that you will

(5) HOW CAN I BE SURE :: anomie belle
How can I be sure
That you won't walk away?
Oh, angel of deception
Let me live this way
Oh how can I be sure
the safety of your arms
Doesn't suffocate me
With all that they do, huh?
Well how can I be sure?

(6) TAPE SONG :: the kills
Time ain't gonna cure you honey
Time don't give a shit.
Time ain't gonna cure you honey
Time's just gonna hit on you

(7) OBSESSIONS :: marina & the diamonds
Sunday, wake up, give me a cigarette.
Last night’s love affair is looking vulnerable in my bed
Silk sheet, blue dawn, Colgate, tongue warm
Won’t you quit your crying? I can’t sleep
One minute I’m a little sweetheart
And next minute you are an absolute creep

(8) UNINVITED :: alanis morissette
Like any uncharted territory
I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like
You have experienced love like mine before
But this is not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

(9) MY MANIC & I :: laura marling
And I'm sorry, young man, I cannot be your friend. 
I don't believe in a fairytale end. 
I don't keep my head up all of the time. 
I find it dull when my heart meets my mind 
Though I hardly know you I think I can tell, 
these are the reasons I think that we're ill. 
I hardly know you, I think I can tell, 
these are the reasons I think that I'm ill.

(10) LOVESONG :: amiel
Thanks, you've been fuel for thought
Now i'm more lonely than before
But that's okay, i've just read and made another stupid love song

(11) KEEP YOURSELF WARM :: frightened rabbit
You won't find love in a - won't find love in a hole.
It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm
SEE in the dark!
Can you see the look on your face?
The flashing white light's been turned off
You don't know know who's in your bed.

(12) DOG DAYS ARE OVER :: florence & the machine
And I - never wanted
anything from you
everything you had
And what was left after that too

(13) DARK BLUE :: jack's mannequin
I have (I have) you breathing down my neck (breathing down my neck)
I don't (don't know) what you could possibly expect under this condition so
I'll wait (I'll wait) for the ambulance to come (ambulance to come)
Pick us up off the floor
What did you possibly expect under this condition so
Slow down.. this night's a perfect shade of
Dark blue (dark blue)
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room

(14) IMPOSSIBLE :: shout out louds
I don't want to spend another day in this city.

I woke up thirsty, it's hard to go back you know.

Let's not fall back to sleep like we used to, do you remember?

I don't want to wake up knowing I don't have a future.

Impossible. Your love is something I cannot remember.

And there's a first time and a second time, you've got to hold on.

Did you know it could happen to you?

Your love is something I cannot remember.

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