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find what you love and let it kill you [dw picspam]

This is a several-months-late-charading-as-Christmas-gift post for fluffyfrolicker, who asked me post- The Angels Take Manhattan to make a big old picspam of Amy and Eleven in tribute to her grief. Since the Who Christmas special with le new companion is set to air soon I figure it's as good a time as any to post this.

Image spoilers from basically (almost) every episode from s5 though to s7 (save for TATM because two and a half months later and it is still too fucking soon go awaaaaaaay). Also, I apologise for the weird grainy effect s2g it doesn't appear like that on my computer but Photobucket made it all weird ANYWAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY, DORIS (+ ANYONE ELSE WHO CARES).

here endeth the spam. i need to go lie down.
Tags: mood: mopey and consumptive, mourning party, photoshop how does it work, relationship-dysfunctionitis: yay, ■ doctor who
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